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Why Married Lao Men Cheat

Studies indicate that 95%, yes this not a mistype, 95% of married Lao men living in Laos have cheated on their wives at some point in their lives.

Of course not many married Lao guys in Laos will admit that they have slept with another woman, but the truth of the matter is they have cheated while their wives work hard at home and make dinner, wash the clothes and raise children for a man they love or once loved.

Unmarried and single Lao guys cheat on their girlfriends which is not as bad because they have the right to explore and choose the perfect life partner, but it's always worse when a married Lao guy cheats because by marrying his wife, he has made a commitment and promises which he has broken.

The big question is why does so many married men in Laos cheat on their wives?

Young girls grow like flowers in Laos. There are so many Lao girls and most of them are beautiful, in fact the ratio of girls to guys in Laos is 5:1. Most married Lao men like to drink at the bars and sometimes they end up in bed with a working girl to spice up their life because they aren't finding enough fun adventure in their relationship.

Even married Lao men who don't like to drink have also slept with another woman at least once. There are managers, public service workers and even teachers who have told us that they have been with another woman when they were out of town for work or business.

Constant conflicts and arguments at home is also another reason why Lao men cheat on their wives. When there are constant bitching and moaning in the relationship, it tends to disturb the peace of mind and makes Lao men feel unloved or unappreciated and they have a tendency to gain pleasure and avoid pain therefore often in order to take emotional revenge, they end up cheating on their wives.

Most married Lao men like young girls and when their wives become older, she gets boring and unable to satisfy the relationship in bed like she used to, so men seek outside sexual pleasure from their marriage with another girl who is younger and attractive physically but they don't deliberately mean to hurt their wives so they keep it quiet.

I know one wealthy Lao guy who divorced his wife and married a younger lady because he no longer feels the sexual attraction, but he is still committed to looking after his two children who still lives with his ex-wife by providing them some money.

In Laos, it is not rare to see married men with a mistress/girlfriend or "mia noy" as we call it in Lao language. Most of the time married ladies accept that their husbands are involved with another lady in their marriage even though they can't bare it. The common reason why Lao ladies know that their husbands have a "mia noy" but don't they want to end the relationship is because they will have financial problems, or it's for the best interests of their children to stay together. Lao men usually earn more income than Lao ladies in Laos so the ladies are often financially dependent on their husbands. Also in Laos, divorced Lao women usually find it difficult to find a new husband.

Too much free time, many beer/girlie bars, the growing number of working girls and pimps all over the country, and many hotels and guesthouses arrange Lao ladies for their guests makes it very easy for Lao men in Laos to cheat on their wives.

Please remember that cheating is ethnically and morally wrong no matter what the circumstances are. Men have the choice to not be in a marriage so that they can experience something new whenever they want to, if they choose to get into a permanent relationship then they waive their right to mess around.

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