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Ryan's Profile

Date of birth 1st January, 1988
Gender Male
Ethnicity German-American
Occupation Sir Sales manager in menswear  
Education High school and SK University  
Phone number 6159712952  
Mobile phone number 6159712952  
City Smyrna, Tennessee
Country United States
Marital status Divorced
Number of children 1
Understanding of Lao culture and tradition   Very well
Able to speak Lao language Not very well
Able to listen to Lao language   Well
Been to Laos No

Hi, I'm Ryan and I live in the United States of America. I was married to a Lao girl right after graduated from high school. We had a son together, and then some how grew apart, but are still really good friends. I'm very knowledgeable about the Lao culture. I've been through pretty much every type of Laos customs. I even have a three headed elephant tattoo which is very common with Laos-Americans.

I have a really tall stature. I'm 6'3 and weigh about 230lbs. I have medium length hair that is wavy and light brown. I have green eyes, and some how my son had this trait carry over to him even though he is 50% Laos.

I am a very sociable person with a ton of friends. Why don't I look for a companion in the US? Because, the US has lost its morals, and I would like to find someone to teach my son the proper way people should act.

I love to drink, but not everyday. I'm a huge fan of BEER LAO, Corona, Hineken, and other imported beers.

I'm very into cars. I have a 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V which I drag race and compete in car shows with. I also have a 2001 Saab 9-5 SE which is a Swedish Luxury car that I bought for my wife before we grew apart. I also have a 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 which is a sport bike that I love to ride on weekend and warm days... Wanna go riding?

For the most part I'm a extremely out going guy looking for someone from a different culture to learn from each other and have a great time together.

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