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Scooter's Profile

Date of birth 1st November, 1982
Gender Male
Ethnicity Lao
Occupation Financial Advisor/Stock Broker  
Education Highschool  
Phone number  
Mobile phone number  
City Portland
Country United States
Marital status Single (never married)
Number of children None
Understanding of Lao culture and tradition   Well
Able to speak Lao language Well
Able to listen to Lao language   Well
Been to Laos No

I was currently doing research online and watching videos on about Laos, cause I'm curious about making a visit there sometime next year.

My understanding of Laos is a bit vague and I'm really not sure what to expect once I arrive so having a friend to send notes back and forth would be great. I'm not looking to date or find partner just to develop a friendship and find out more information that will help me travel around when in Laos. If I happen to be lucky enough to meet a nice Laos girl that wants to be friends would be great, but I'm no crazy westerner looking to exploit Laos girls.

Well thats my goal on why I've decided to sign up here.

Now a bit about me... I'm really easy going and I try really hard to learn and grow everyday to be a better person. I'm able to show a lot of patience and understanding as well as respect for other people even though some people aren't as kind to return it. I'm also an American-Laos other wise just known has Asian-American here in the United States.

That means I was lucky enough to be born here and have a great education. So that said, I'm also not like your typical Laos guy. I've noticed that Laos guys really don't understand how to treat women fairly.

I enjoy snowboarding, I'm not really sure if you would understand what that is. Its a popular winter sport in America. I also enjoy wake boarding and Ju Jitsu. I think I'm gonna end it here, it seems a bit to much to read already and I don't want to really bore you to death.

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