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Douglas' Profile

Date of birth 17th January, 1983
Gender Male
Ethnicity Ghanian
Occupation Musician  
Phone number  
Mobile phone number 00447031913537  
City London
Country United Kingdom
Marital status Single (never married)
Number of children 1
Understanding of Lao culture and tradition   Very well
Able to speak Lao language Not very well
Able to listen to Lao language   Not very well
Been to Laos No

Well i want you to know all about me and also will like to know more about you as well.I am honest, independent, obedient, respectful, romantic and a one woman-man only and also i live in London with my son. A woman who will love me to the fullest part and make me happy as well as both of us will be happy and have a better living Beauty. To become a husband and lover to a woman should be second. This getting married should come when both people are comfortable with each other and know them pretty well and have accepted them for who they are. But to be a lover and husband there also has to be a spark between them. The spark is sharing that part in a relationship for intimacy.

It special and both husband and wife need to have that between them. There should be a want and desire to make each other happy. I want to be able to treat her like a queen and share and laugh do all the home duties together. I want her to take on her own identity. If she wants to work then I would support her in that and also with what ever i have to make her feel happy. If she wanted to go to stay home, or whatever she decides she wanted to do then I would support that.I have two dogs in my house and I really like them lots. In my current work I do sales and marketing in mining machine and construction equipment.

Let see my favorite colors are blues,pink and light purple. To me the more color people have the better moods people are in. They are much happier. I like the smell of Lilacs and Lavender. As far as movies I am an old movie buff. I mean I like the older movies and documentary most.

The Sound of Music is one of my favorites. My favorite flowers are rose and son flowers because on the many smells and colors and Lavender. As far as music I love light rock, easy listening and Country. I even like some classical music especially MOZART. I like to take walks to burn off the little fat cells hehehe. I like the smell of the flowers in my garden. its so sweet smelling and the air so clean and brisk. You would love the weather in there. It never to hot or to cold.

I like to eat German and Italian food next. I will try anything once or almost anything hehehe. I like some sweet foods but the cannot be to sweet. I like chocolate ice cream and love just about any fruit. My cologne I wear is Arman and CK. I like those smells. As far as clothes, I wear casual clothing like nice dress pants with a nice polo, nautical or Tommy shirt. I do like wearing jeans as well and I love to dress up for occasions.I will like to establish a serious relationship with you if you don't mind Beauty. Cant wait for your photos.

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