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Samik's Profile

Date of birth 5th May, 1981
Gender Male
Ethnicity Indian
Occupation Hospitality & Financial Industry  
Education BBA (Hons.) in Hospitality & Tourism from
IIAS-School of Management, Kolkata under
Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan- 731235,
West Bengal, INDIA in the year 2005.  
Phone number +913364543817  
Mobile phone number +919432070903  
City Calcutta
Country India
Marital status Single (never married)
Number of children None
Understanding of Lao culture   Not very well
Able to speak Lao language Not very well
Able to listen to Lao language   Not very well
Been to Laos No

Dearest my love,
Good morning, Princess,
I am fine with good health & how are you over there? If you are honest, then you can trust me as well. I believe in honesty. I must be very frank with you. Before proceeding in this matter we both must be clear to each other. About me I am a very simple person, I can tolerate any kind of lies. I am bit short tempered.

I can go anywhere in the world for better jobs. I stay with my mom, dad & younger brother. I love my family very much. Honesty & love must be most important thing in the relationships between two people. I am not a Prince William but I am a Prince of mine country and I can help you out to solve the problem. If you are in real danger, I can assure you to try my best to help you out.

Did you have full consent of your parents about our relationship & please let me know. We usually loved to have rice, fish, cereals & vegetables in our regular meals. Our Bengali cuisines are very tasty & mouth watering. I hope you would love to taste some of them. Our biggest festival is Durga Puja where we usually have family gatherings.

I am a man of 𚳷攊nches with a fair complexion of having an average body. I am an Indian & I am a Bengali Hindu by religion. My parents are very liberal & friendly in nature. There is no bar on my parents behalf if I really want to continue with this relationship with you in the near future & I know is it the same with you too?

If any women or female who can find the answers of my questions to become My Ideal Match. FEMALES ONLY PLEASE!!!!I believe that A REAL FRIEND is one who..... Accepts you as you are Believes in 'you' Calls you just to say 'HI' Doesn't give up on you Envisions the whole of you Forgives your mistakes Gives unconditionally Helps you Invites you over Just 'be' with you Keeps you close at heart Loves you for who you are Makes a difference in your life Never Judges Offers support Picks you up Quiets your fears Raises your spirits Says nice things about you Tells you the truth when you need hear it Understands you Values you Walks beside you X-plain things you don't understand Yells when you won't listen and.... Zaps you back to reality...
.................ALWAYS BE HAPPY. Life is a journey; the world is always spinning... I抦 looking for that special someone to spin with me!!!

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