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Alexander's Profile

Date of birth 10th January, 1979
Gender Male
Ethnicity Australian
Occupation Brand Manager (Wine Business)  
Education College (Commerce/ Marketing)  
Phone number  
Mobile phone number  
City Shanghai
Country China
Marital status Single (never married)
Number of children None
Understanding of Lao culture and tradition   Not very well
Able to speak Lao language Not very well
Able to listen to Lao language   Not very well
Been to Laos Yes

I visited Laos for the first time last year and was really impressed with the beauty of the countryside and in particular Luang Prubang, which was such a beautiful place. I am not sure if this is a very good way to meet someone for relationship - but maybe we can just become friends and when i am able to come to Laos, perhaps meet and get to know each other.

I think to be realistic one week is not long time to get to know a place and if i where to move to Laos to live i would need to stay at least one month next time to really experience the life there.

Look forward to hearing more about you. I am very easy going and make friends easy and get on with people but have always traveled alot for work in Australia.

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