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Alvin's Profile

Date of birth 28th October, 1984
Gender Male
Ethnicity Chinese
Occupation Networker  
Education Degree  
Phone number  
Mobile phone number 60102779680  
City Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia
Marital status Single (never married)
Number of children None
Understanding of Lao culture and tradition   Not very well
Able to speak Lao language Not very well
Able to listen to Lao language   Not very well
Been to Laos No

About Me:

Cup without ingredient no meaning~ wish you u to fill in my cup~ don't think that i not u cup, you wont know if u no try ~ lets bring our life on!! Thank your support to make my life more beautiful and happy to see you give me a chance to make you life more wonderful!!!


My interest towards outdoor activities is perhaps the weakest. I tend to think of sun rays as radioactive beams rather the smiley-faced sun we were taught to perceive and draw while we were in kindergarten.

Gender Relations

Contrary to human nature, I did not believe in the rationality and need of having a girlfriend, a soul mate or a wife. Neither did I believe in the power of a marriage institution. I would rather be free-er from constraints and responsibilities. After years of debate, I finally came back to the right track. Now, I think it is important to have a woman on my boat. Having the right person on board can greatly change the course of the boat, and perhaps strengthen its hull to make it unsinkable! Two is better than one.


I think it is important to have sufficient sexual pleasure. Sex, like food and shelter is an essential ingredient in life. On the contrary, I think it is important to occasionally resort to erotic sublimation (suppression of our need for sex) to achieve an important goal. However, I am definitely opposed to the idea of long term sublimation unless one wants to be inhuman. (Could be a good thing, but definitely not for me)


It is difficult to describe myself. I want you to be the judge. If you have read my thoughts above, you should already have a better picture of me. One important thing you need to know is that I am usually shy. Shy in the presence of beauty!

Who I Want to Meet:

'Like attracts like'. I hope for friends or someone who could match me in terms of personality, interests, ambitions, etc. I prefer someone who is hardworking, motivating and intelligent as my soul mate. Strong character is ever so important!

Msn and Friendster :

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