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Mike's Profile

Date of birth 19th November, 1982
Gender Male
Ethnicity Black
Occupation Student  
Education College  
Phone number 07405172908  
Mobile phone number 07405172908  
City London
Country United Kingdom
Marital status Single (never married)
Number of children None
Understanding of Lao culture and tradition   Not very well
Able to speak Lao language Not very well
Able to listen to Lao language   Not very well
Been to Laos No

I'm a hopeless romantic that likes to have fun because it is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I don't think that just because you believe in romance, everything has to be all sappy and mushy all the time.

I definitely feel if you're romantically involved with someone you should be able to share your thoughts and feelings on an array of topics. I also feel you should live your life without regrets. You have to know in your heart that everything happens for a reason and everyone comes into your life for a reason. You may get hurt or you may find the love of your life, but no matter what, you'll learn about yourself and your partner throughout the process.

I am soft spoken, but passionate about the people and things I care about. When travelling I love to explore quaint 'out of the way' towns that tourists do not frequent and immersing myself in the language customs and cultures of those areas. Good tour guides are also wonderful.

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