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Beelee's Profile

Date of birth 1st October, 1962
Gender Male
Ethnicity Lao
Occupation Machinist and construction  
Education Education training for programmer  
Phone number 8562055364437  
Mobile phone number 8562055364437  
City Saint Paul, Minnesota
Country America
Marital status Separated
Number of children 4
Understanding of Lao culture and tradition   Well
Able to speak Lao language Very well
Able to listen to Lao language   Very well
Been to Laos Yes

Girl! if you look at my age, too old, but I'm a funny guy, so you can joint your live with me for some drinking party, travelling to the mountain or country side where I was from, that mean I'm highlander.

I also would like to see or follow you to show me what's your faverite, if I am interesting you don't be shine just joint your live.

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